Services and Functions

Cooperative Division

  • Request for cooperative documentary printouts
  • Request for financial assistance
  • Scheduling of cooperative training and seminar
  • Scheduling of needs analysis for organization of cooperatives (primary/secondary/laboratory)
  • Scheduling of intervention for ailing and distressed cooperatives

Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Division

List of Services

  • Conduct livelihood and entrepreneurial skills trainings(Barangay based livelihood caravan)
  • Provide assistance in promoting products and services
  • Scheduling of livelihood and entrepreneurial training and seminar
  • Request for credit window facility
Mission and Vision


The City of Imus cooperative, livelihood & entrepreneurial development office shall:

  1. Foster the creation and growth of cooperatives and entrepreneurs towards socio-economic development by increasing economic opportunities and benefits for Imuseños
  2. Improve the livelihood of Imuseños through the creation of conducive business opportunities
  3. Provide professional, quality and responsive technical and financial assistance to client’s in developing a viable and responsive businesses.


A globally competitive LGU Office that empowers Imuseños to achieve economic vitality and quality of life

Social Media

Facebook Page Name: City of Imus Cooperative, Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Office


Mr. Emmanuel M. Santiaguel, Ph.D.
City Cooperative Officer

2nd Floor – City Government Center
Malagasang I-G City of Imus, Cavite

Email –
Contact Number – 0919-078-4952