Services and Functions

1. Accepts letter of request to reserve the City Sports Complex or the City Plaza, schedule
in the calendar of events and ensure the availability of these venues for public and
private events upon the approval of the City Office of the Mayor and the City
Administrator’s Office.

2. Upkeep, maintenance, cleanliness inside and within the perimeter of the City Sports
Complex, the City Plaza, the City Playground are as well as the City Grandstand and
Track Oval.

3. Ensure the safety and security of the physical structures of these areas.

4. Deter public nuisance and disturbance, by drunk/intoxicated people and their likes, by
sufficiently keeping a staff of security men for 24 hours on shifting duty to guard those

Mission and Vision


To make the City of Imus a well-known locality with excellent facilities such as its City Sport Complex, Plaza and the Playground.  

To enable the people to appreciate the historic legacy of this town by ensuring the regular maintenance, enhancement and visibility of various markers that bestowed honor to the various brave Imuseños and highlighted their struggle and victories to achieve freedom for the people of Imus.


Our mission is to support the 8-Point Agenda of the present city government through the preservation of historic sites and markers as well as the maintenance and upkeep of three public places which are often used for events and gatherings.

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Ang Imus Plaza
Imus Track Oval


Mr. Edwin Malicsi
Administrative Officer IV

2nd Floor – City Government Center
Malagasang I-G City of Imus, Cavite

Email –
Contact Number-(046)489-6052