Services and Functions

The Imus Vocational and Technical School is a unit under the Office of the Mayor thru the Special Education Program of the city. This office provides technical and vocational skills trainings to out-of-school youth and unemployed adults, to give them chance of employment or venture into own business. The training duration is three months.

Imus and Vocational and Technical School provide trainings on 22 different vocational courses for a period of three (3) months. There are three (3) batches of enrollees a year, of which residents of Imus are given the first priority to enroll.

Frontline Services

I. Provide vocational and skills training to out-of- school youth and unemployed adults, giving priority to Imusenos;

  • Accept enrollees for various courses offered by the school.
  • Trained enrollees on specific course enrolled.
  • Issuance of training certificates.

II. Provide livelihood trainings in barangays/non-government organization upon request.

Requirements for Enrollment
  1. 1 X 1 ID Picture
  2. Valid Identification
  3. Proof of residency for residents of Imus
  4. Photocopy of High School Diploma for those who will enroll on technical courses
  5. For Non-residents, Mayor’s Referral
Procedure on Enrollment

1. Secure and Fill-up Application form


Fill up and submit application form together with all the requirements. Check if filled up properly, schedule of class has been selected, one application per course

3 minutes

Any of the following front desk  Staff


     Grace  S. Crizaldo

     Nenita T. Bersonda

      (IVTS- Pag-asa Campus)


2. Checking on the availability of slot 2 minutes Olivia E. Magsino
3. Payment of registration and tuition fee and submission of all enrolment documents 2 minutes Brenda M. Del Rosario
4. Recording of enrollees name and receipt number 3 minutes Susana Llanera
Training Programs
1. Bartending NC II This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude a bartender in cleaning bar areas, operating bar, preparing and mixing cocktails in accordance with industry standard. 136 hrs Mr. Jay Mercado
2. Food and Beverage Services NC II This course covers competencies on cleaning  bar operating a bar, preparing and mixing of cocktails, providing link between kitchen and service areas, providing room service, providing food and beverage service, developing and updating of food and beverage knowledge and providing wine services. 136 hrs Mr. Jay Mercado
3. Housekeeping NC II This course covers knowledge and skills in providing housekeeping services to guest, prepare room for guest, clean premises,  provide valet service, launder linen and guest clothes. 136 hrs Mr. Eduardo Lidot
4. Massage Therapy  NC II This covers the basic, common and core competencies such as: work within the holistic therapeutic massage framework, plan and perform therapeutic massage treatment, perform remedial massage treatment ,and assist in the administration of therapeutic massage clinic/agency. 136 hrs Ms. Felicitacion Nave
5. Commercial Cooking NC II This  course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of any kitchen staff on food preparation. It includes competencies such as clean kitchen areas; cook hot and cold meals; and prepare portion and plate meat or food to guests in hotel, motel, restaurants, clubs, canteen, resorts and luxury lines cruises. 136 hrs Ms. Leonora M. Costa
6. Bread / Pastry Production NC II This course covers skills and knowledge in preparing pastry and bakery products; decorate and present pastry and bakery products; store bakery products; prepare cakes; prepare and used fillings; decorate cakes; present and store cakes; presents and serve plated desserts; prepare, serve and store different kinds of petits four. 136 hrs Ms. Leilani A. Nuestro/
Ms. Elnora Talingting
7. Dressmaking NC II This covers skills and knowledge development planning and construction of pattern for women dresses, skirts, blouses and pants. Actual sewing, attachment of clothes accessories are also included. 136 hrs Ms. Leonora M.Costa/
Ms. Florina Dalanon
8. Tailoring NC II This course covers skills and knowledge development on planning and construction of male apparels and suit. This includes pattern making, plotting, cutting and sewing of pants polo, and barong making. 136 hrs Ms. Leonora M.Costa/
Ms. Florina Dalanon
9. Curtain Making This course covers construction of different kinds of curtains, such as cheered curtain with valance and ruffles, scallop curtain with group pleats with tab or tie heading, swag curtain(permanent). It also includes making pillow cases and different kinds of bed sheets and bed covers. Smocking is also part the lessons. 136 hrs Ms. Leonora M. Costa
10. Beauty Care NC II This course is designed to pursue a range of occupations associated with beauty care services.  The program provides experience in customer services such as shampooing, hand and foot spa, body massage, body scrub, facial treatment, manicuring, pedicuring and facial make-up. 136 hrs Ms. Erlinda T. Reyes
11. Hairdressing NC II This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and desirable attitudes in hairdressing in accordance with industry standards. It covers basic hair care services such as hair coloring, bleaching, haircutting, straightening and perming and basic make-up application. 136 hrs Ms. Erlinda T. Reyes
12. Commercial Baking This course covers teachings on making commercial breads, straight dough mixture, and other dough base breads. 96 hrs Ms. Leilani A. Nuestro
13. Cake Decorating This course covers making different kinds of icing for cakes, such as boiled icing, royal icing, and fondant icing and other uses of gum paste. It also includes flower making for cake deco ration, planning and designing cakes for all occasions. 96 hrs Ms. Leilani A. Nuestro
14. Meat Processing This course intends to teach future entrepreneurs on how to process simple meat products utilizing manual operations and simple equipment. 48 hrs Ms. Leilani A. Nuestro/
Ms. Elnora Talingting
15. Native Delicacies This course covers trainings on cooking different kinds of Filipino viands , desserts and kakanin. 48 hrs Ms. Leonora M. Costa
16. High Speed Sewing This course  teaches basic garment factory operation, such as ,sewing machine operation, edging machines and button holder. It also includes pocket , plucket and different collar construction. 48 hrs Ms. Leonora M. Costa
17. Bookeeping NC III This course covers skills development in journalizing transactions and preparing financial reports: for single proprietorship; for partnership and for corporations.  It also includes posting transactions, preparing trial balance and reviewing internal control system. 96 hrs Ms. Ofelia del Rosario
18. Automotive Servicing NC II This is designed to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes in the fields of automotive in accordance with the industry standard. It covers Competencies such as: service charging and starting system, service engine mechanical system, service clutch system, service differential and front axle, service steering system overhaul manual transmission, service brake system and suspension system. 136 hrs Richard Buenaventura
19. Flower Arrangement This course teaches different kinds of flower arrangements ,elements of a floral designs and principles of flower arrangements. It considers textures or physical structure of the materials to be used. 96 hrs Ms. Ligaya S. Domingo
20. Beadworks This course teaches how to make ladies accessories using beads the basic materials. It covers making bracelets, anklets, rings, necklace and earrings. It varies from simple to complicated designs. 96 hrs Ms. Ligaya S. Domingo/
Ms. Elnora Talingting
21. Chemical & Industrial Products This course covers making of candles, personal care, (perfume, shampoo, hand wash, whitening soap), household care (laundry detergents, liquid wash powder detergents, fabric conditioner), liniments and ointments. 48 hrs Ms. Leonora M. Costa
22. Computer Technology This course covers COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NC-II – PC Assembly, troubleshooting, OS Installation.  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Internet Operation, and other basic computer operations following industry standard. 136 hrs Mr. Angelito Pacifico/
Ms. Dalian Khairial


1. Ask for a clearance form from window 2. Fill up properly. 5 minutes Miss Brenda M. del Rosario
2. Look for your trainers. 2 minutes Livelihood Instructors
3. Proceed to the registrar for signature. 1 minute or less Miss Susan G. Llanera
4. Releasing of Certificates. 2 minutes Miss Brenda M. del Rosario
Mission and Vision


Promote quality skills training for out of school youth and unemployed adults
to be able to attain more opportunities of getting employed/self-employed.


Improve one’s self-confidence through livelihood skills and behavioral development that will lead them to greater productivity.


Mrs. Vilma A. Jacama
Administrative Officer IV

Cavite Civic Center
Aguinaldo Highway, Palico IV

(046) 471-1650