Services and Functions

The Office of the City Administrator in behalf of the Office if the City Mayor aims to establish a lucrative nation by providing outstanding services through commendable programs and projects that will benefit the public.

Frontline Services

• Information Assistance or Inquiries
• Inspection Report for Voucher Purposes
• Handle Comments / Complaints in Behalf of the City Mayor
• Signing of Permits and Disbursements, up to look worth


• Public City
• City Offices And Departments

Step-by-Step Procedure to obtain a service

Step 1 – Go to admin office.
Step 2 – Relay the information or secure the data needed with the admin staff.
Step 3 – Discuss and settle any concerns to come up the final arrangements and set up.
Step 4 – Seek help or approval of the city admin or other offices needed.
Step 5 – Implement and monitor whatever the arrangements are.

Officer Or Employee Responsible For Each Step

Step 1 – Admin Staff
Step 2 – Admin Staff
Step 3 – Admin Staff
Step 4 – Admin Staff / City Administrator / Other Offices Staff
Step 5 – Admin Staff / City Administrator / Other Offices Staff

Maximum Time to Conclude Process

It depends on the gravity of services and concerns raised at the Admin Office.

Documents to be Presented by Clients and why they are needed

It depends on the services and concerns raised by the requisitioning person or offices. Commonly, documents are presented by the client to the Admin Office to support their concerns.

Amount of Fees

No fees to be collected from the client for any services rendered within a given period of time.

Procedure for Filing Complaints

1. Client goes to the appropriate office to file the complaints.
2. Relay complaints to the Office Staff.
3. Office Staff to recommend possible actions and steps to settle the complaints.
4. Seek help from the responsible person or offices if needed.
5. Come up with the final arrangements to settle the complaints.

Allowable Period of Extension for Unusual Circumstances

It depends to the gravity of the complaints raised at the Office of the City Administrator.

Mission and Vision


To develop a less bureaucratic government machinery to ensure economic progress and political dynamism.


We shall enhance better administration and management to develop public confidence towards sustainable progress consistent with the principles of good governance.


Jose Elmer Emoy Francisco
City Administrator

3rd Floor – City Government Center
Malagasang I-G City of Imus, Cavite

(046) 471 – 0345
(046) 471 – 0348