Services and Functions

The Office of the City Agriculturist carries the responsibility to promote growth and development of agriculture sector in the City of Imus and increase farmers’ real income and improve their quality of life beyond bare subsistence level thru effective agricultural delivery system. The mandate pre-supposes the development of the capabilities of the farming families by providing them with knowledge on the latest research findings, innovations and skills together with the adoption/introduction of viable agricultural projects that will cater to the needs of the populace of the City; basically on food security.

1. Farm Development Services

  • Urban Agriculture
  • Organic Agriculture

2. Rice And Vegetable Production Technology

  • Palay Seeds Distribution
  • Vegetable Seeds Distribution

3. Field Extension Service

4. Support Services

5. Fishery Resources Services

6. Other Services:

  • Trainings
  • Techno-Demo
  • Soil Analysis
  • Crop Production Monitoring
  • Seeds & Seedling Distribution
  • Crop Insurance Services
  • Distribution Of Compost and Other Organic Fertilizers
  • Livelihood Project
  • Assistance To Farmers for Registration to Registry System on Basic Sector of Agriculture (RSBSA)
  • Price Monitoring on Basic Agricultural Commodity in Public Market
Mission and Vision

To promote growth and development in agriculture and increase farmers’ and fishers’ real income and improve their quality of life beyond bare subsistence level toward the attainment of food security in a society characterized by justice and equity

Dynamic rural communities thriving with new breed of farmers – entrepreneurs who do profitable business out of agriculture in a society characterized by freedom and equity


Facebook Name: Agriculture Imus


Mr. Robert R. Marges
City Agriculturist

2nd Floor – City Government Center
Malagasang I-G City of Imus, Cavite
Contact number-(046)4710677