Services and Functions

The civil registrar shall take charge of the office of the civil registry and shall accept all registrable documents and judicial decrees/orders affecting the civil status of persons; file, keep and preserve in a secured place the books required by law; transcribe and enter immediately upon receipt all registrable documents and judicial decrees affecting the civil status of persons in the appropriate civil registry books; receives applications for the issuance of a marriage license, coordinates with the office of the Civil Registrar-General (National Statistics Office) in conducting educational campaigns for vital registration and assist in the preparation of demographic and other statistics for the local government unit concerned and makes available at all times the civil registry forms in his office.

Frontline Services

• Requesting a certified copy of birth, marriage and death certificate and other civil registry documents

• Registration of birth and marriage certificates

• Registration of death certificates

• Registration of Court Orders/Decrees and Request of Annotated Record

• Registration of Legal Instruments/Legitimation of Natural Child

• Requesting endorsement of registry records to the Civil Registrar-General

• Delayed registration of civil registry records

• Applying for a marriage license

• Filing petition for Change of First Name (CFN) or Correction of Clerical Error/s (CCE) R.A.9048

• Filing petition for Correction in the Entry In The Day/ Or Month in the Date of Birth / Correction in the Entry of Sex (R.A. 10172)

• Registration of Foundling/Abandoned Children

• Preparation of Supplemental Report

• Requesting of Authenticated Civil Registry Documents such as Birth, Marriage, Death Certificate and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

Mission and Vision


To follow the Civil Registration Program of the Local Goverment Units, Pursuant to the Civil Registry Law, the Civil Code, Family Code and other Pertinent Laws, Rules and Regulations issued to implement them.


To produce and maintain quality and accurate Civil Registry documents and record with integrity.


Violeta P. Sañez
City Civil Registrar
Office of the City Civil Registrar

UG Floor – City Government Center
Malagasang I-G City of Imus, Cavite

(046) 471-3290