Services and Functions

Functional Statement:

The City Sports Development Unit (CSDU) shall:

  1. Develop sports programs providing opportunities to bring out the best in the players and evaluate them to the highest level in sports.
  2. Plan, implement, and monitor the sports program which will help develop the skills, instill discipline, and build a sense of camaraderie among athletes.
  3. Encourage all sports organizations to foster a development program in an atmosphere of cooperation and participation.
  4. Support implementers and its leaders toward capability-building.
  5. Draw/elicit commitment from individuals and institutions, thus bringing the City of Imus towards excellence in sports.

Frontline Services Offered:

  1. Requisition of Sports Material/Solicitations
  2. Use of Imus Fitness Center
  3. Financial Assistance
  4. Go For Gold Certification
Mission and Vision


Our vision is to make the City of Imus the center of quality athletes, gain the recognition as a city with a comprehensive sports program, provide excellence in organizational infrastructure, facilities and coaching to enable athletes from all sectors to reach their full potential in sports, and create a vibrant and integrated sports community that will give athletes the opportunity to develop their leadership and management skills.


  • To encourage the sports stakeholders in the development and support grass-root program.
  • To develop a large network of Scholar-Athletes in their respective sports discipline and communities.
  • To promote ethical behavior, good sportsmanship, and good sports parenting in the city of Imus.
  • To provide parents and sports educators with sound ideas they can employ when raising and teaching children who play sports.
Social Media

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Mr. Joel C. Legaspi
City Sports Development Unit Head

2nd Floor – City Government Center
Malagasang I-G City of Imus, Cavite

Email –
Contact Number – (046) 454 2663