Services and Functions

PESO was established to provide employment opportunities in the City of Imus.

Frontline Services
  1. Issuance of Mayor’s Permit to work
  2. Issuance of Mayor’s Recommendation
  3. Issuance of Mayor’s Referral letter (for other cities/ municipalities)
  4. Issuance of Mayor’s Clearance
  1. Present the required documents.
  2. Fill up the form given by PESO staff.
  3. Go to Treasure’s Office for payment.
  4. Return to PESO Office and present the receipt.
Other Services
  1. Skills Mapping
  2. Job Fair
  3. Mobile Passporting
Mission and Vision


To provide, promote and facilitate employment services to job seekers employers and stakeholders through capacity development and linkage with government and non-government entities.


An effective, efficient institutionalized multi-employment service facility equipped with God fearing dynamic leaders and empowered staff committed to serve with competence and integrity.


Ms. Clarita Casing

PESO Manager

2/F Imus Old Building

(046) 471-2984

(046) 416-5881