Imus Historical Museum

This fortress-like structure was once a metal foundry and workshop operated by one Jose Ignacio Paua – a blacksmith of Chinese descent who made guns and cannons and repaired them for the revolutionaries. A plaque outside the building proclaims it as the “Arsenal ng Imus.”

Inside the museum, is a series of moving tableaus that take visitors back through time, to relive historical scenes with realistic life-size figures set amidst painstakingly recreated setting.

Each scene is set in motion with the help of hidden sensors, while
informative and well-written caption present the facts surrounding each
episode.Interspersed between these tableaus are colorfully detailed
murals and relief sculptures of key figures in Cavite Revolution as well as
fascinating trivia and little known historical tidbits.

Combining creativity and modern technology, the Imus Historical Museum presents an eye-opening view of local history in an appealing, more exciting light, to increase the awareness and pride of the Filipinos in their nation’s history and patrimony.