We are very proud to welcome you to the historical city of Imus. We are on our lead to preserve the richness of our place in terms of history, culture, and tradition but strategically prepared to adapt to the fast growing economy.

Through the effort of the City Government of Imus, we are now the Most Competitive Component City in CALABARZON and second in the country in Economic Dynamism as recognized by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC).

As one of the leads among the cities in the Province of Cavite, we are one of the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) awardees and is continuing to compete to achieve even greater possibilities.


Mission and Vision

The premier city of the region pole bearer of a technology driven economy, home of God – fearing and empowered citizenry, living in a safe, green, resilient and sustainable environment, governed with utmost quality of public service.

To provide the utmost quality of service and implement essential laws and ordinances through cooperation between the citizenry and the government in order to address the needs of the people.


Welcome to the City of Imus Official Website!

The City Government of Imus is committed to innovation, transparency and efficient communication between the government and the community. In order to impart information and establish a well-organized system for the people, the creation of a new and improved website is open for use of public.

It enables the city government to connect with the needs of the Imuseños by sustaining essential information that will equip them with knowledge and easier accessibility of resources. The new and improved website serves as a powerful tool that connects us to you through the different channels for the interactive services that it offers.

As the fast-growing technology emerges, the City Government of Imus wanted to adopt it as a vital medium of communication within your reach. We want to ensure that what you need and what you must know is in your hands with just a click.

Likewise, it serves as a foundation for the future as we take your side for the betterment of our service. MABUHAY!


City Government of Imus Core Values

I nnovativeness

The City Government of Imus, with the aid of advanced communicational and technological competencies, is inspired to create and adopt new ideas to better serve its present constituents and to secure the lives of the future generations.

M otivation

Highly-driven and enthused to serve, the City Government of Imus is motivated to look for strategies and ways to improve its performance in order to fulfill its full potential as a catalyst of change and development.

U nity

The City Government of Imus, as a unified government body, is dedicated to realize its mission and vision through harmonious working relationship among its employees and active participation of its people in nation-building.

S ervice Excellence

The City Government of Imus is committed to consistently deliver excellent customer experiences imbedded on quality and accessible services to its constituents. It is constantly looking for better ways of doing things through learning and improvement.

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Sa Imus, Importante Ka, Ikaw ang Bida!

Discover the beauty of Imus

City of Imus Hotlines

Office of the Mayor  471-2989 | 471-2732 | 471-1520
Office of the City Administrator  471-0348
Philippine National Police (PNP)  471-3993
Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)   97005161 (Palengke) | 471-4777 (LTO)

City of Imus Traffic Management Office (CITMO) 515-1358
City Environment and Natural Resources Offices (CENRO) 472-3033
City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) 471-0629
City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWD) 471-3337
Health Center 471-5560
Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) 471-0474

City Assessor’s Office 471-1060
City Budget Office 471-8590
City Civil Registrar 471-3290
City Engineering Office 471-3414
City Information Office 418-2657
City Treasurer’s Office 471-9664 | 471-9677 | 471-8592

City Departments and Units