About the City

Imus is one of the fastest growing towns in the province of Cavite in terms of population and industrialization. Urbanized yet still countrified in its landscapes, Imus faces a myriad of problems inherent to its growth, traffic, education, health services, cooperative development, housing, peace and order, business/entrepreneurship, youth and sports, infrastructure and ecology and environment.

On June 30,2012, a plebiscite was conducted by the Commission on elections from 7:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon in 453 clustered precincts which resulted to affirmative votes, necessary for the conversion of the Municipality of Imus into a component city.

After 20,438 out of 22,742 Imusenos casted their votes and gave bid for their nod of approval in favor of the Municipality’s bid for cityhood, the 238 year old Municipality of Imus was officially proclaimed a CITY at the now historic office of the Sangguniang Bayan. The 1st ever flag raising ceremony of the newly proclaimed City of Imus, 2012 was attended by hundreds of Imusenos.

Managed by a team of youthful politicians and technocrats, the City Government has put in place programs and projects designed to uplift the living standards of a population that is inching towards the million mark.

Inspite of all the industrialization, the Imusenos still remain true to the values of their forefathers, hence the impassioned devotion to the Philippine Flag waving valiantly as a symbol of courage and triumph come Wagayway Festival and the City’s title as “FLAG CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES”.

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Development Goals

To promote the growth and development of the city into a new urban expansion area where development is sustainable, ecologically sound, sensitive to the people and the natural environment at the same time ensuring a better quality of life for the people.


1. To effect a balanced and integrated development of the whole city into a major urban growth center in which a balanced and sustainable pattern of land use is linked to the systematic provision of transport, infrastructure and utilities and the effective management of the environment

2. To increase productive employment opportunities and alternative livelihood sources for all residents thru the promotion of community-based initiatives, small and medium-scale enterprises

3. To instill in the private sector and the citizenry in general a sense of social responsibility, common aspiration and commitment to protect the environment and nurture a climate supportive of business and economic growth

4. To develop mutually-beneficial; partnerships between the local government and the civil society in general to bring about a more effective  and cost-efficient delivery of adequate social services, urban infrastructure facilities, utilities and amenities

5. To develop the regulatory, institutional and policy framework to the rational urban development of the city.

6. To enhance the administrative capability of the local government unit to manage its rapid pace of urbanization and industrialization, at the same time, improve its local resources mobilization capacity to respond to the service delivery requirements


To provide the utmost quality of service and implement essential laws and ordinances through cooperation between the citizenry and the government in order to address the needs of the people.


The premier city of the region pole bearer of a technology driven economy, home of God – fearing and empowered citizenry, living in a safe, green, resilient and sustainable environment, governed with utmost quality of public service.

8-Point Agenda

Mayor Maliksi’s governance is effectively guided by his 8-point agenda focused in bringing back progress to the City and be one of Cavite’s finest. The 8-point agenda include:

  • Peace, Order and Good Governance
  • Livelihood, Business and Housing
  • Knowledge, Education and Sports
  • Health
  • Environment, Cleanliness and New Infrastructure
  • Nature, Agriculture and Natural Resource
  • Culture, History and Tourism
  • Empowerment of Various Sectors