Welcome to the City of Imus Official Website!

The City Government of Imus is committed to innovation, transparency and efficient communication between the government and the community. In order to impart information and establish a well-organized system for the people, the creation of a new and improved website is open for use of public.

It enables the city government to connect with the needs of the Imuseños by sustaining essential information that will equip them with knowledge and easier accessibility of resources. The new and improved website serves as a powerful tool that connects us to you through the different channels for the interactive services that it offers.

As the fast-growing technology emerges, the City Government of Imus wanted to adopt it as a vital medium of communication within your reach. We want to ensure that what you need and what you must know is in your hands with just a click.

Likewise, it serves as a foundation for the future as we take your side for the betterment of our service. MABUHAY!


The Office of the City Mayor is responsible to the following duties and functions:

  1. Receive, record and organize all incoming correspondences addressed to the City Mayor;
  2. Receive, record and organize all documents for signature of the City Mayor and the Chief of Staff; and release those documents when signed;
  3. Draft correspondences (e.g. Office Memos, Endorsement Letters, Referral Letters, Recommendation Letters, Certifications, Mayor’s Clearance, Mayor’s Permit, etc.) signed by the City Mayor;
  4. Schedule Civil Weddings and Oath taking of Organizations solemnized and inducted by the City Mayor;
  5. Organize applications for Tricycle Franchise;
  6. Organize meetings from the committees and councils headed by the City Mayor;
  7. Assist in the Inter-city Relationship of the City of Imus, particularly in Huanggang, China and Yeoncheon, South Korea;
  8. Do other tasks as needed in the office.